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Change Log

Below is a “sanitized” version of the Install Manager change log. This information is posted as part of a conscious effort to be more transparent in the development process. Not all information relating to a particular build is presented on this page - some information is still considered private and is therefore not included.

General Release Channel

This is the channel where the “production ready” build is distributed to the general public.

Current Build

Earlier Builds

Private Build Channel

This is the channel where the builds that are not considered “production ready” yet are provided for testing by a select group of individuals that represent the user-base and serve as the “front line” or the “canary in a coal mine” for a time before the build is promoted. This channel typically provides a build that is in the BETA phase of development, but technically can provide a build in the ALPHA phase.

  • Fixed installer issues; hi-resolution displays, new OS versions, etc
  • Added default filters for SKU ranges between 50,000 and 59,999
  • Split default SKU filters into 10,000 groups
  • Added default filters for checked state
  • Added default filters for download status
  • Added default filters for source

InstallMgr : Incremented build number to

  • Build system tweaks

InstallMgr : Incremented build number to