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Steps to Publish at DAZ 3D


DAZ 3D invites artists from around the world to sell their products on our web store. Here we outline the process an artist can expect when submitting their work through our site.

Process Overview

  • Preliminary review
  • Full Review
  • QA
  • PA Final Acceptance


YOU DID IT! You have the perfect set that would be brilliant for the DAZ 3D Store but you don't know what to do next? Simply email us ( the promo imagery in jpeg format using the DAZ 3D Store dimensions – 500 pixels wide x 650 pixels high and a brief description of the product. This gives the preliminary review team a quick grasp of what the set contains. Please do not include the actual product files themselves. They will not be reviewed at this time. Also do not include generalized links to other products on sale at other brokerages as we want to see the actual product that you are interested in brokering with us.

DAZ 3D accepts submissions from 3D artists and merchants all around the world. We have a tiered review process that allows us to bring the best of the best to the DAZ 3D Store. Below is a brief description to explain how the review process works and what steps you need to take to present your products for review.

Step By Step

Step 1 : Preliminary Review

The first round of review is conducted by the Preliminary Review Team. This team will briefly review the work, suggest commercialization enhancements to the product and give valuable feedback regarding the promotion imagery etc. The preliminary review team will decide when a product is ready to move on to the Full Review Team. Products may be declined at this point if they are not considered high enough quality, or are of limited sales potential, among other reasons. You will be notified on where your product stands after the Preliminary review.

Send promo images and product description to They will be sent to the Preliminary Review Team for you. We will try and get back to you with their feedback as soon as possible.

If your product is accepted for a full review, you will be required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and relevant tax forms. Once this is done you will be given access to our online Product Upload System. The upload system contains the distribution contract agreement and ownership verification.

Step 2 : Full Review

The second round of reviews is done by the Full Review Team. This team makes the final decision for the product to move on through the process of release. The final review team can overturn the preliminary review decision and decline products at this stage. The Full Review team can also make requests for changes to the promo imagery and even suggestions for enhancements to the products.

Step 3 : QA and Testing

Once a product is accepted, it moves to the DAZ 3D QA queue. The QA group is responsible to do a final test of the product to make sure it meets the outlined product features. The product's text and imagery receives its final review. If any fixes are needed this team will communicate with the artist to make the necessary changes.

Step 4 : PA Final Acceptance

When the product passes the QA process, the QA team will create an installer for that product and allow the PA (you) the final review before validating it is ready to be set live on the store.


The steps listed above should be followed to submit most products such as:

  • Characters (always enclose close up renders of the skin texture)
  • Poses
  • Hair models (include renders from all angles including from the back)
  • Clothing Models
  • Textures (for clothing or figures)
  • Props
  • Scene models (sometimes called environments)
  • Lighting setups

You can submit anything that would be a standard Studio/Poser file.

If your product falls outside of these types of products such as software, software plugins, tutorials, etc - please provide screen shots showing what your product can do. For items like music loops or sounds effects provide samples (some subset of examples) so that the Preliminary Review team can understand your product. Make sure that you include promo imagery, making it as dynamic as you can, so that DAZ 3D can see how you would like to market your product.

Once again please send any of the above to and they will be forwarded to the Preliminary Review team for you. We will try and get back to you with their feedback as soon as possible.

NOTE: The promo imagery is where a lot of products fall short in their overall appeal. The best product with the worst promo imagery will not garner any interest from the review teams nor the customer.

We suggest that prospective PA's have a look in the DAZ 3D Store for what type of imagery is being produced by existing PA’s. DAZ 3D does not allow nudity of any kind in our promos. One of the key elements most forgotten is good lighting and more importantly shadows. Shadows ground an item in a render and make it part of the background. Great lighting will only add to your promos.