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Night and Day City

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Product Name: Night and Day City
Product ID: 19395
Published Artist(s): PhilW
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2014-07-19

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

You know the problem - you can use duplication and replication to build a city from individual buildings, but unless you have a huge number of building designs and shaders, you can clearly see copies of buildings throughout your scene.

Enter the InstaBuilding concept! This was designed with Instance Randomizer Plugin in mind. This enables you to generate a huge number of buildings from a handful of actual models. These building models have been specially designed to have a number of parts which can be turned on and off by the Instance Randomizer, and a large number of shading domains which are also randomized. Each model can therefore generate many different looking buildings every time you duplicate them.

There are five building designs and each is available in normal and tall versions, making ten core building models in all, each set up with shaders to use the Instance Randomizer to generate the variants. Don't worry too much about the underlying process - just press Control-D to duplicate the building, and marvel at the variations which are automatically generated for you!

Think of them as city greeble blocks, but taken to a whole new level!

There's more - in addition to the core buildings, I have included four pre-made city blocks which each use a different arrangement of the buildings together with a sidewalk base, street lights, illuminated building signs, trees and grass areas, lo-res people and cars, vans and trucks (many of which also use Instance Randomizer shaders!). I have also included a complete city scene which can be used to generate huge aerial cityscapes.

The buildings are fully textured and can be used individually or in small groups as simple backgrounds to your characters and vehicles, but really come into their own when you need large numbers of buildings and dramatic skylines! As they are relatively light on system resources and fast to render, they are great for creating impressive backgrounds, and by animating the camera you can create breath-taking fly-overs or fly-throughs.

Also included is a fully night time textured set of buildings, city blocks and a whole night city scene, ideal for police dramas, superheroes and other denizens of the night!

This set is the first in what could be a whole series of InstaBuilding sets from which to mix and match your scenes. Build your own city today!

All of this available in Day and Night textures where appropriate. The night side walks and road surfaces have wet reflections added to add to the drama of night scenes.

Product Notes

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Additional Details

  • Note that if you use the buildings or other objects which use the Instance Randomizer in Replicators or Surface Replicators, you will need to manually generate the variations by selecting the building or object and pressing Control-D to duplicate a few times. Each duplicate refers back to the geometry of the Master Object and so is very efficient on system resources, and Carrara handles hundreds of duplicates with ease.
  • The vehicles and people included with this set are very low resolution and are intended to populate aerial views or for other long distance shots to add life to the city. Other resources should be used if closer views are required.
  • In the full scenes, you may want to reduce the numbers in the Block Replicator and Extras Replicator to make navigation more responsive while setting up your scene. The display of the replicators is currently set to Bounding Box, you may change this but the more detail that is shown, the less responsive the navigation is likely to be.

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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