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Architectural Lighting Rig for Iray

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Product Name: Architectural Lighting Rig for Iray
Product ID: 23064
Published Artist(s): Marshian, Marshian2
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2015-10-16

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Let your creativity run wild with the new and fully upgraded Architectural Lighting Rig for Iray. A first for DAZ users! Included with the new rig are 32 stunning Digital (IES) Light Profiles that can be used by themselves or added to your favorite props! Also included are six specially designed fixtures to show off the IES lights and the nine color and intensity presets from the original 3Delight rig. Scale the size, change the color, and adjust the power of these amazing lights to produce simple yet dramatic effects.

Easily move and adjust the four spotlights and four uplights that are parented to each rig. Specular lights parented to each spotlight (eight total) enhance glossy surfaces even in low or colored light. A center point light assists with ambient light and can be assigned an IES profile. Use the five wide-angle rig-parented cameras to quickly find the best views for your scene. Individual lights are included if you need to add supplemental light. The rig itself is non-rendering and quickly scales to fit into any size interior or exterior scene.

You spend a lot of time lighting your figures to perfection. With ALR for Iray, your favorite environments and architecture will get the same quality attention to detail. You’ll quickly and easily add unprecedented clarity, color harmony, and shadow depth. See your favorite scenes and characters in a brand new light!

You may need to un-parent your main render camera after scaling the rig to prevent distorted renders.

Product Notes

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Architectural Lighting Rig for Iray (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Light Presets:ALR for Iray:ALR Main Presets”
    • “Light Presets:ALR for Iray:Individual lights:IES Arc Profiles”
    • “Light Presets:ALR for Iray:Individual lights:IES Architectural Profiles”
    • “Light Presets:ALR for Iray:Individual lights:IES Circular Profiles”
    • “Light Presets:ALR for Iray:Individual lights:IES Organic Profiles”
    • “Light Presets:ALR for Iray:Individual lights:Light Props”
    • “Light Presets:ALR for Iray:Individual lights:Point and Spot”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Lights:Iray:Interior”
    • “Lights:Iray:Portrait”
    • “Props:Lights”

Additional Details

  • General Tips:
    • For moonlight, sunlight or other exterior light sources; enlarge a child group or move it away from the rig. Many of the promo images for the ALR for Iray have a spotlight that is shining through a doorway or window.
    • You may need to un-parent your main render camera after scaling the rig to prevent stretched renders
    • Have a main subject for the lights? Parameters/Misc/Point At is a quick way to direct all of the lights at once.
    • For more dramatic lighting, try turning off the ALR point light and reduce both the Environment scale and Intensity (In Render Settings).
    • For large or complicated environments, load more than one ALR rig into the scene or add individual lights to highlight specific details.
    • Some of the individual lights use light geometry that is only visible when rendering. For softer shadows with these lights, increase the height and width (In Parameter tab/Light).
    • When using the IES lights included with ALR, consider changing a prop’s bulb and/or shade to a light emitter and increase the luminance just enough to make it glow. This will give the illusion of the fixture lighting the scene, while the ALR light produces the cast light. This cuts down on render times and ensures that the dramatic effects produced by the digital light profiles are visible in the scene. This combination of a glowing bulb/fixture and a separate IES light source produces beautiful and realistic results.
    • As a general rule, the smaller the size of the bulb (light geometry/sphere, etc.) that contains the IES profile, the sharper and clearer the beam pattern and your shadows will be. The default size of 10×10 is perfect.
  • IES Lights:
    • IES is an acronym for Illuminating Engineering Society. These digital light profiles are created mainly by lighting manufacturers. They do this to ensure that the light created in an architectural render will perfectly match the color, intensity, beam pattern and spread of the actual bulb or fixture. These are photometric point lights created from measurements of actual lights.
    • The green node line represents the direction of the light, or which way it points. Use this line to target a specific place in your scene by transitioning and rotating the selected light itself.
    • Using copy/paste to place lights at a specific location in your scene will copy all light properties including in the IES profile. So if you want lights with different IES profiles (say in a row for example) you will need to manually transition them into place or copy/paste as usual and then assign different profiles to the Light Profile channel (In Parameters tab/Light).
    • These profiles can be found in: Runtime/Textures/Marshian/Architectural Lighting Rig Iray
    • Using the Marshian AtmoCam for Iray with an ALR-IES light profile will show the amazing effect of the 3D beam pattern floating in your scene’s atmosphere. However, be prepared for some longer render times.

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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