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Drips and Drops for Genesis 3 Female(s)

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Product Name: Drips and Drops for Genesis 3 Female(s)
Product ID: 33935
Published Artist(s): V3Digitimes
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2016-09-06

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Don't be afraid to get wet or hurt! Drips and Drops are advanced Iray body drops outfits for Genesis 3 Females.

Coming with different outfits corresponding to three main existing drops shapes options, Static Drops, Isolated Dripping Drops and Large Groups of Dripping Drops, they will become your favorite tool for any scene you need some drips and drops on your figure.

The Static Drops outfit is a full body outfit made of 5000 drops not dripping along the body, and of 21 surface areas. Static Drops can be morphed in shape and size on the body, and three additional morphs allows you to “explode” the drops around the figure for a really cool effect!

The Separate Dripping Drops are a 7 part outfit made of 564 separate dripping drops with morphs allowing to change their thickness, size, and to add drops at the tip of the drips.

The Large Groups of Dripping Drops are a 5 part outfit made of 90 groups of several drips joining a their top on a Larger area. They also include several morphs to change their thickness, add noise, hide top part, add drops at tip of the drips…

All the outfits made of dripping drops (Separate and Large Groups) can be loaded in two versions, one where the material is the same for all the drops of one element of the outfit, and one where each dripping drop has it's own material zone.

One material per drop! Do you realize what it means? It means that you can hide, show, render as blood or as water or as whatever you want the exact drops you want on these outfits. You can keep a single drop and hide all the other ones. Or on the contrary you can show all of them except one. And why not putting a single blood drip in the middle of milky or paint drips? With a total of 675 individual surface areas, the possibilities are endless!

Several Iray Shaders are provided for each of these outfits, amongst them various water and blood shaders for more fun. Water Shaders are provided with additional scripts allowing to manage Glossiness, Opacity, Refraction and Top Coat Weights iteratively - proportionally to their current value - in a few clicks.

Perfect for sports, water, painting, wounds and many more, Drips and Drops is a must have to add more variety to your Iray renders.

Also of note is that the set works great with Genesis 3 Male via the Auto-Fit Feature in Daz Studio!

Product Notes

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Drips and Drops for Genesis 3 Female(s) (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “People:Genesis 3 Female:Clothing:Drips and Drops”
    • “People:Genesis 3 Female:Clothing:Drips and Drops:Drips by Section”
    • “People:Genesis 3 Female:Clothing:Drips and Drops:Shaders:For Dripping Drops”
    • “People:Genesis 3 Female:Clothing:Drips and Drops:Shaders:For Large Drips”
    • “People:Genesis 3 Female:Clothing:Drips and Drops:Shaders:For Static Drops”
    • “People:Genesis 3 Female:Clothing:Drips and Drops:Shaders:Various”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Materials:Iray:Feminine:Drips and Drops for Genesis 3 Female(s):Skin”
    • “Shaders:Iray:Liquid”
    • “Shaders:Iray:Utilities”

Additional Details

  • Product Notes:
    • This product consist of outfits of 3 types of drips or drops:
      • Static drops
      • Thin Dripping Drops
      • Large Dripping Drops
  • For the Dripping Drops:
    • You can load the full wearable preset (all the parts), or you can load them part by part.
    • Furthermore, you have 2 choices : either a mono material version (all elements of the same outfit part have the same material), or a multi material version (one material per drip). The second option is more heavy when you want to change the shader, but it allows you to customize drips material drips per drip. You can individually change the shader of each drip to make it more visible or to hide it.
    • All of the outfits present interesting morphs in order to make the drips more or less visible, or to change their shape, size, and thickness. These morphs can be combined together (up to a certain limit). You can try to make the dripping drops thicker (set Thick-Thin morph negative) and bigger (Dripping Drop Size morph positive) for a better visibility.
    • These morphs can be found under the Parameters section of each outfit part, and in the shaping tab. Selecting all the outfit parts in the scene and then in the parameters tab, allow to apply morphs all together to the various outfits parts.
    • Rendering drips is not easy since most of the time, the lighting conditions and the physics will make them almost not visible (like it is the case on real skins), this is why additional shaders and tools, which you will find in the shader folder, have been provided in order to help you change the visibility of the drips.
    • You will find base shaders, but also tools allowing to increase/decrease the visibility of the drips (increase opacity and decrease refraction for a better visibility), or to make them more shiny by increasing the glossy layered weight and top coat weight (or the contrary).
    • The tools act proportionally to the current value in the scene, meaning that you can apply them several times until the desired result is reached.
    • Take care, for some shaders in the product, increasing top coat weight will be inefficient since the initial top coat weight is zero (and zero multiplied by anything will remain 0).
    • The Drop look will be driven by their visibility and shine.
  • GENERAL RULES for handling drops visibility and shine:
    • If the white highlights on the drops are too visible : decrease glossy layered weight and top coat weight. As a second step you can try and decrease glossy roughness.
    • If the white highlights on the drops are not enough visible : increase glossy layered weight, and top coat weight. As a second step you can try and increase glossy roughness.
    • If the drops are globally not enough visible : decrease refraction weight, increase cutout opacity. In this case it may be interesting to change the base color for something white or black or close to the color of the underlying skin.
    • If the drops are globally too visible : increase refraction weight, decrease cutout opacity. As a second step you can decrease the glossy layered weight.
    • Tools and shaders are organized by type of geometry (drips, drops, large drips) you use them on, and you will find additional shaders (blood, milk, slug) compatible with all the drips and drops of the product.
    • Last recommendations : First if you want to remove the morphs, avoid using zero figure in the parameters tab, use zero figure shape instead. Then these outfits only support Auto-follow Fit To mode, do not modify this mode to use Redirect Transform mode. Finally it is possible to use smoothing modifier, BUT it might offset the drops from the body or have weird effects.
  • Finally the tools provided in the Shader sub folders (increase/decrease opacity, top coat, glossy layer weight, refraction) can be used on any of the types of drips you work on, even if you use another type of drips than the one it was originally created for.

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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