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Roman Cauldron and Tripods

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Product Name: Roman Cauldron and Tripods
Product ID: 43635
Published Artist(s): KRAIG
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2017-05-03

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

A fancifully wrought basin with handsome legs and detailing serves as a water vessel or a great brazier. You can choose from eighteen beautifully pre-configured cauldrons or customize the five parts of the cauldron with sixteen to nineteen material options for each part. Promo pictures only show a handful of hundreds of possible combinations. Create a combination perfect for your scene.

Atia’s Tripod is a high polygon Roman tripod brazier with authentic detailing and seven texture options. Cornelia's Tripod is a high polygon Roman tripod brazier also with authentic detailing and eight texture options.

The set of cauldron and tripod are completed with useful props: coals, logs, smoke plumes, and water plane. With scale and prop options, the cauldron can serve as a courtyard wash basin, a war brazier, the desktop curio of a rich collector, or a mixing vessel for a medieval alchemist. The product is intended for use in DAZ Studio 4.9+ with Iray materials.

Product Notes

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Roman Cauldron and Tripods (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Props:Roman Cauldron and Tripod:RC Components”
    • “Props:Roman Cauldron and Tripod:RC Components:Basin (Krater) MATs”
    • “Props:Roman Cauldron and Tripod:RC Components:Leg (Foot) MATs”
    • “Props:Roman Cauldron and Tripod:RC Components:Lionface MATs”
    • “Props:Roman Cauldron and Tripod:RC Components:Pedestal MATs”
    • “Props:Roman Cauldron and Tripod:RC Components:Rings MATs”
    • “Props:Roman Cauldron and Tripod:RC Components:Water and Coal MATs and POSEs”
    • “Props:Roman Cauldron and Tripod:Roman Cauldron Presets”
    • “Props:Roman Cauldron and Tripod:Roman Cauldron Presets:Pose Options”
    • “Props:Roman Cauldron and Tripod:Roman Cauldron Presets:RC Homogeneous”
    • “Props:Roman Cauldron and Tripod:Roman Cauldron Presets:Size Options”
    • “Props:Roman Cauldron and Tripod:Tripods:Atia's Tripod”
    • “Props:Roman Cauldron and Tripod:Tripods:Atia's Tripod:Atia's Tripod MATs”
    • “Props:Roman Cauldron and Tripod:Tripods:Cornelia's Tripod”
    • “Props:Roman Cauldron and Tripod:Tripods:Cornelia's Tripod:Cornelia's Tripod MATs”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Materials:Iray:Props”
    • “Poses:Props and Accessories”
    • “Props:Debris”
    • “Props:Furnishings:Decor”
    • “Shaping:Apply”

Additional Details

  • Thank you for purchasing this product. These models are consistent with ancient artistry and would be good in renders of ancient Greece, Hellenistic Egypt, and ancient Rome. Although called ‘Roman,’ many ancient cultures used a similar large basin. With a little imagination, the cauldron and tripod could be the furnishings of a Roman magistrate, an ancient Circe set on mischief, or an Alexandrian natural philosopher. The product is intended for use in DAZ Studio 4.9+ in Iray renders.
  • Roman Cauldron
    • This model is a bit fanciful and a bit classical. It has a very high polygon count and uses instancing for the winged legs and lion faces to keep the polygon count from being even higher than it would have been. The leg and the lion face were sculpted in 3D Coat. Since the cauldron uses instancing, it loads as a ‘scene asset.’ It is possible to load the two model components of the cauldron which are provided individually as a courtesy, but isn’t really necessary. The cauldron has roughly the same amount of polygons as a DAZ figure with its hair and clothing.
  • You may want to use one of the configured presets or one of the options in ‘RC Homogeneous.’ It’s called ‘homogenous’ because all the surfaces in a given preset (scene asset) are completely the same material as each other.
  • The cauldron has quite a few material options in various metals and stone, including marble. It is possible to mix and match these options to suit your tastes. There are also nearly twenty preconfigured options. Once you’ve loaded one of these, you can use the numerous material options to tweak the appearance to your heart’s desire.
  • There are five surfaces on the cauldron. The Basin/Pedestal/Rings part of the model corresponds to those three surfaces. The lion face and the leg each have their own surface. Make sure you are choosing the correct part of the model before you apply a preset. You may want to use the surface selection tool to make this easier. Each of the five components has between sixteen and nineteen material options. The total number of possible combinations is exponential. While many combinations probably are not the most esthetic, the remaining number of viable combinations surely numbers in the hundreds. Play with it until you find what you like or if simply try one of the combinations I have configured in the main ‘Roman Cauldron’ folder. Enjoy.
  • In addition to an insane amount of material combinations, the versatile cauldron can be used as a water basin (water plane) or a brazier (coals). Smoke plume props are provided to complete the effect. Additionally, pose presets for the water plane can raise or lower it and can change the bump map on the surface (calm, ripples, agitated, etc.). Be careful with the pose presets. They will apply to anything that is selected, so make sure you have the water plane chosen before applying the preset.
  • Cauldron Size Options
    • Make sure you choose the parent object (RCBasin&Pedestal) first before using these size options. There are four size options for the cauldron, appropriately named ‘State Monument’ (200%), ‘Courtyard Size’ (100%, default), ‘Lavatory Size’ (50%), or ‘Curio Size’ (15%). These size options extend the usefulness of the product. It could be the wash basin of the courtyard of an influential household, the magnificent state monument of a great ruler, or a costly curio on the desk of wealthy collector.
  • Props
    • As with all props, these load in the default position for the intended model. It is recommended that you do not move the cauldron or tripod until after you’ve loaded any props you want to use and have made the prop a ‘child’ object of the cauldron or tripod. Then when you move the model, its prop will move with it.
  • Water Prop
    • The round water plane is intended for use with the cauldron. Select the water plane before applying the bump and pose options. You can make the water plane a ‘child’ object of the cauldron in the ‘Scene Pane’ so that it follows along as part of the cauldron.
  • Coal Props
    • There are three props. One is a pile of ash with coals for the cauldron when used as a great brazier. The other is a pile of coals for the tripod. Finally, a single coal prop is provided for whatever use you may need. There are three material presets for the coals, ‘cold,’ ‘warm’ (default), and ‘hot.’ The warm and hot presets have a low illumination value.
  • Smoke Plumes
    • There are two smoke plume props. You may think you are getting four, but there are just two as advertised. They are located in both the folder for the cauldron for use as a great brazier and the folder for the tripod and each will load at the correct height for the respective model. The smoke plumes use opacity and do not look good from every direction. You may need to rotate the plume in the Y axis (Y rotation) to ensure the prop is facing your camera for best appearance. You can also adjust the diffuse color in the surface pane if you’d like for the smoke to be darker or even a different color.
  • Atia’s Tripod
    • This model was created based on a tripod recovered from Pompeii and is very detailed. It has nearly 22,000 polygons. The tripod was used in ancient Rome as an indoor space heater, but became a decorative object and was possibly used for outdoor illumination. Costly tripods were sometimes given as gifts to the gods to be kept in the temple of the particular god. A dedication was associated with the gift so that anyone who saw the tripod would know the devotion of the donor to the god.
    • There are seven material options for the tripod. Additionally, there is a bump option for fretting along the outside face of the brazier pan. Select the tripod in the scene pane and you can use the ‘on’ and ‘off’ presets to add or remove the bump preset. Please note that this will replace whatever bump preset was already on the tripod. If you want the old one back on, you’ll need to apply that particular preset again to the tripod.
  • Please note that the surface ‘PCF’ does not correspond to any surface in the product. Please ignore it.

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