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The Forbidden Forest

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Product Name: The Forbidden Forest
Product ID: 62605
Published Artist(s): Wicked Creations
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2019-08-02

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

The Forbidden Forest is a sinister yet mysterious place where many enter yet few return while attempting to cross through it's woods that are filled with evil trees, razor sharp thorns on large vines that permeate the forest and of course an ominous fog so thick it can conceal even the most wicked and vile of creatures.

The Forbidden Forest is divided into two parts, the cemetery and the forest just beyond the Gargoyle guardians. There is a pine forest that provides a background that can rotate to cover any camera angle you choose, there is also a fog dome and moon system that provide that eerie dead forest look that is shown here in the promotional imagery. I've created a method of easily changing the moon types, fog dome styles and a way of hiding the “high poly trees” in the cemetery area with a simple drop down menu found in the Parameters tab for each item/system just mentioned. All is explained in a colorful .pdf manual I've included to help you achieve the many looks you see in the images shown here!

Due to the high number of instances in the cemetery area your computer may lag when every part of the Forbidden Forest is displayed on screen, so to remedy this when you open a scene file it will load with simple looking “low poly trees”, simply pose your characters and switch to “Show high poly props” with the drop down menu mentioned above and hit render! Every prop you see in the images can be loaded separately in the center of the screen so you can create your own creepy scenes with the many props and trees provided. You can load an entire summer or autumn scene with a click in either Iray or 3Delight format, the only limitation with the 3Delight version is the 'terrain shader' is Iray only so you can only load one type of material at a time for the ground. Have fun walking through the Forbidden Forest!

Product Notes

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The Forbidden Forest (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:3Delight lighting”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Cameras”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Iray lighting”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Iray lighting:HDRI images”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Iray lighting:Sun-Sky Presets”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:3Delight:Evil trees”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:3Delight:Fallen leaves”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:3Delight:Fog”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:3Delight:Gargoyles”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:3Delight:Gravestones”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:3Delight:Landscape stuff”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:3Delight:Shrub”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:3Delight:Trees”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:3Delight:Weeds”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:Iray:Evil trees”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:Iray:Fallen leaves”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:Iray:Fog”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:Iray:Gargoyles”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:Iray:Gravestones”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:Iray:Landscape stuff”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:Iray:Shrub”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:Iray:Trees”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Materials:Iray:Weeds”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Props:Evil trees”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Props:Gravestones”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Props:Landscape stuff”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Props:Spooky stuff”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Props:Subsets”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Props:Trees”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Props:Weeds”
    • “Environments:Wicked Creations:The Forbidden Forest:Scenes”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Cameras”
    • “Documents”
    • “Environments:Landscape”
    • “Lights:Exterior”
    • “Materials:Iray:Props”
    • “Materials:Props”
    • “Props:Architecture”
    • “Props:Effects”
    • “Props:Landscape:Ground”
    • “Props:Landscape:Plants”
    • “Props:Landscape:Rocks”
    • “Render-Settings:Iray”
    • “Utilities:Visibility”

Additional Details

  • You will find the Forbidden Forest in your Environments folder under Wicked Creations
  • Please read the entire Forbidden Forest .pdf manual even if you only use 3Delight for your renders.

Resolved Issues

  • 2019-09-09 Changes some items from 3 Layer shader to new 4 Layer PBR MDL shader included in Default Resources, this will correct missing shader error

Known Issues

  • None


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The contents of this package are in DAZ Studio Native formats