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LayLo3D Pose Library for Maya

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Product Name: LayLo3D Pose Library for Maya
Product ID: 62775
Published Artist(s): LayLo 3D
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2019-08-13

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Have you ever wished you could use Daz 3D poses in Maya and/or save HumanIK poses to use them again later?
Now you can!

LayLo 3D's Pose Library creates a user interface in Maya for both your Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Male and Female poses. It automatically finds your Daz 3D content libraries and pulls the poses from their corresponding folders.

It's compatible with HumanIK (HIK) and doesn't require the use of any specific HIK definition to work properly. It includes a HIK calibration tool to figure out your custom HIK definition and then work accordingly.

It automatically converts pose from Genesis 3 to Genesis 8 and from Genesis 8 to Genesis 3.

It has a built in “Pose Mixer” feature that allows you to right click on a pose in it's library and select which limb from the preset you would like to take the pose information from and apply it to your characters corresponding limb.

It includes a “Custom HumanIK” pose library allowing you to save your own HIK poses complete with a snapshot of the pose for easy reference. If you don't use HIK it has one for poses based off the characters joint rotation values as well.

Product Notes

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Additional Details

Resolved Issues

  • 2019-10-30 - Version 1.2 Update:
    • Fixed - “HumanIK definition not recognized” even when using a supported HumanIK definition if the hair, or other figure support items had joints.
    • Fixed - A KeyError that could happen with certain poses.
    • Fixed - If the Connect Library was in the same location as the Daz Studio formats location the Daz Studio format files would not be found.
    • Fixed - If the user didn't have any Daz Studio poses the select figure option menu would throw an error.
    • Change - Changed the file menu load pose > menu items wording.
    • Update - Made it so both .ll3d and .duf are looked for by default when loading a pose from the “File” menu.
  • 2019-07-31 - Version 1.1 Update:
    • Fixed the “everyone is a flying superhero” bug if the scene scale wasn't set to cm. Now the scene scale is accounted for and things are calculated accordingly.
    • Daz to Maya should now be supported as intended.
    • Fixed an issue where if the HumanIK definition didn't have a node assigned to the reference slot it would throw an error and stop. It will now look elsewhere for what it needs if this slot is empty.
    • The dialog box asking what generation of figure is being used now works properly again if my plug-in can't figure it out on its own.
    • Fixed a couple minor UI bugs I noticed.
    • Added a feature where you can now load a pose using the plug-ins “File” menu to load a .DUF pose if you want to use a pose that isn't located in the normal “Poses” folder. For example, a pose that comes with a clothing item or prop and is contained in the item's folder.
    • Fixed an issue on the Mac where it would try to load a Python module that isn't available on Mac OS.

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