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Forest Camp

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Product Name: Forest Camp
Product ID: 68455
Published Artist(s): Daz Originals
Created By: RavenLoor
Release Date: 2020-03-24

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

A Little camp, next to an open fire with a cooking pot full of stew and a hunk of meat roasting on the spit, perfect for those long nights.

The scene is enclosed with trees and a panoramic background, several small utensil props and crates are included.

Product Notes

Installation Packages

Below is a list of the installation package types provided by this product. The name of each package contains a Package Qualifier (WIP), which is used as a key to indicate something about the contents of that package.

  • 1 Core 1)

[ ] = Optional, depending on target application(s)

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Forest Camp (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Environments:Landscapes:Forest Camp”
    • “Environments:Landscapes:Forest Camp:Zero Props”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Environments:Landscape”
    • “Props:Containers”
    • “Props:Kitchenware”
    • “Props:Landscape:Plants”
    • “Props:Landscape:Rocks”

Additional Details

Below is a list of files provided by the Forest Camp product.


Forest Camp

  • Content :
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/Forest Camp Crate/Crate_2126.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/Forest Camp Crate/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/Forest Camp Tree A/Forest Tree.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/Forest Camp Tree A/UV Sets/KindredArts/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Bush Grass/RL Bush Grass.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Bush Grass/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Cauldron/RL Cauldron_4341.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Cauldron/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Crate/RL Crate_2126.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Crate/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Forest Empty/Main Scene Export_50950.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Forest Empty/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Forest Main/RL Main Scene_26476.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Forest Main/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Forest Tree A/Forest Tree A.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Forest Tree A/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Fork/RL Fork.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Fork/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Grass LRG/RL Grass LRG.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Grass LRG/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Grass MED/RL Grass MED.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Grass MED/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Grass SML/RL Grass SML.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Grass SML/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Knife/RL Knife.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Knife/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Ladle/RL Ladle.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Ladle/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Large Rock/Rock.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Large Rock/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Spoon/RL Spoon.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Spoon/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Wild Flowers/RL Wild Flowers.dsf
    • /data/RavenLoor/RLForestCamp/RL Wild Flowers/UV Sets/RavenLoor/Base/default.dsf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Forest Camp Empty.duf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Forest Camp Empty.duf.png
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Forest Camp Full.duf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Forest Camp Full.duf.png
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Bush Grass.duf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Bush Grass.duf.png
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Cauldron.duf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Cauldron.duf.png
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Crate.duf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Crate.duf.png
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Fork.duf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Fork.duf.png
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Grass LRG.duf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Grass LRG.duf.png
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Grass MED.duf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Grass MED.duf.png
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Grass SML.duf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Grass SML.duf.png
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Knife.duf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Knife.duf.png
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Ladle.duf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Ladle.duf.png
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Large Rock.duf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Large Rock.duf.png
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Spoon.duf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Spoon.duf.png
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Tree A.duf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Tree A.duf.png
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Wild Flowers.duf
    • /Environments/Landscapes/Forest Camp/Zero Props/Forest Camp Wild Flowers.duf.png
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_68455_Forest_Camp.dsa
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_68455_Forest_Camp.dsx
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_68455_Forest_Camp.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Backdrop04_col.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Backdrop04_mask new.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Backdrop04_mask new2.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Backdrop04_mask.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/bark01.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/bark01_n.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/bark01_r.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/bark01_s.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Bark04.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Bark04_n.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Bark04_r.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Bark04_s.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Bark05.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Bark05_n.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Bark05_r.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Bark05_s.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Bark06.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Bark06_n.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Bark06_r.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Bark06_s.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Cauldron Done_albedo.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Cauldron Done_Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Cauldron Done_Metal.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Cauldron Done_Normal.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Cauldron Done_roughness.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Cauldron Done_Spec.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Cloth Shelter BU.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Cloth Shelter DIFF.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Cloth Shelter TR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Cooked Meat.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Crate Wood.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Fire 2 1K test COL.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Fire 2 1K test TR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Fire 3 1K test COL.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Fire 3 1K test TR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Fire Ash D.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Fire Ash E.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Fire Rocks Done_albedo.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Fire Rocks Done_bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Fire Rocks Done_normal.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Fire Rocks Done_Spec.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Fire Smoke.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Grass Clump T.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Grass Clump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Grass Clump.png
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Plant 1 BU.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Plant 1 DIFF.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Plant 1 TR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Plant 2 BU.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Plant 2 DIFF.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Plant 2 TR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Plant 3 BU.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Plant 3 DIFF.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Plant 3 TR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/RL Forest Ground/RL Forest Ground_baseColor.jpeg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/RL Forest Ground/RL Forest Ground_glossiness.jpeg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/RL Forest Ground/RL Forest Ground_normal.jpeg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/RL Forest Ground/RL Forest Ground_roughness.jpeg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/RL Forest Ground_baseColor.jpeg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/RL Forest Ground_glossiness.jpeg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/RL Forest Ground_normal.jpeg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/RL Forest Ground_roughness.jpeg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Rock_albedo.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Rock_Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Rock_Gloss.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Rock_normal.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Rock_roughness.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Stew BU.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Stew.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Stone J Seamless.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree 1 Leaf BU.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree 1 Leaf DIFF.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree 1 Leaf TR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree 2 Leaf BU.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree 2 Leaf DIFF.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree 2 Leaf TR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree 3 Leaf BU.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree 3 Leaf DIFF.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree 3 Leaf TR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree 4 Leaf BU.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree 4 Leaf DIFF.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree 4 Leaf TR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree A BU.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree A Diff.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree A Original.png
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree A TR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree B BU.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree B Diff.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree B Original.png
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree B TR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree C BU.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree C Diff.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree C Original.png
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree C TR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Tree D Original.png
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/TreeBranch A D.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/TreeBranch A T.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Utensils Done_albedo.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Utensils Done_bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Utensils Done_roughness.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Utensils Done_Spec.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Wood Bark Color.jpeg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Wood Bark Gloss.jpeg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Wood Bark Norm.jpeg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Wood Bark Rough.jpeg
    • /Runtime/Textures/RavenLoor/RL Forest Camp/Wood End 1.jpg

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