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dForce YesterYear Nightgown Outfit for Genesis 8 Females

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Product Name: dForce YesterYear Nightgown Outfit for Genesis 8 Females
Product ID: 80821
Published Artist(s): Pixeluna, shadownet
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2021-03-21

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

The dForce Yester Year Nightgown Outfit for Genesis 8 Females is a flirty, full-length nightgown with dForce capability and optional panty brief that may be worn underneath if desired. Or use it with the hide/show skirt preset option for the Nightgown to create an entirely new style of top and bottom-only nightwear.

The dForce Yester Year Nightgown Outfit for Genesis 8 Females comes with a variety of texture and color options, along with opacity settings, making it both beautiful and versatile. You will love the dForce Yester Year Nightgown Outfit for Genesis 8 Females!

Product Notes

This product utilizes the following script sample:

1) script to launch store page - source for script - Daz Forum Post: (author: rbtwhiz)

\Yesteryear_Nightgown\Runtime\Textures\Pixeluna\YesterYearNG\ YYNG_14.jpg YesterYearNG_01.jpg YesterYearNG_01N.jpg YesterYearNG_01TM.jpg YesterYearNG_02.jpg YesterYearNG_02N.jpg YesterYearNG_02TM.jpg YesterYearNG_03.jpg YesterYearNG_03N.jpg YesterYearNG_03TM.jpg YesterYearNG_04.jpg YesterYearNG_04N.jpg YesterYearNG_04TM.jpg YesterYearNG_05.jpg YesterYearNG_05TM.jpg YesterYearNG_06.jpg YesterYearNG_07.jpg YesterYearNG_08.jpg YesterYearNG_09.jpg YesterYearNG_10.jpg YesterYearNG_N.jpg YesterYearPanty_01.jpg YesterYearPanty_01N.jpg YesterYearPanty_01TM.jpg YesterYearPanty_02.jpg YesterYearPanty_02N.jpg YesterYearPanty_02TM.jpg YesterYearPanty_03.jpg YesterYearPanty_03N.jpg YesterYearPanty_03TM.jpg YesterYearPanty_04.jpg YesterYearPanty_04N.jpg YesterYearPanty_04TM.jpg YesterYearPanty_05.jpg YesterYearPanty_05N.jpg YesterYearPanty_05TM.jpg YesterYearPanty_06.jpg YesterYearPanty_06N.jpg YesterYearPanty_07.jpg YesterYearPanty_07N.jpg YesterYearPanty_08.jpg YesterYearPanty_08N.jpg YesterYearPanty_09.jpg YesterYearPanty_09N.jpg YesterYearPanty_10.jpg YesterYearPanty_10N.jpg

\Yesteryear_Nightgown\People\Genesis 8 Female\Clothing\ PS.png

\Yesteryear_Nightgown\People\Genesis 8 Female\Clothing\PS\ PS Visit Store.dsa PS Visit Store.png PS Visit Store.tip.png YesterYear Nightgown.png

\Yesteryear_Nightgown\People\Genesis 8 Female\Clothing\PS\YesterYear Nightgown\ YY All Clothing.duf YY All Clothing.png YY All Clothing.tip.png YY Nightgown.duf YY Nightgown.png YY Nightgown.tip.png YY Panty.duf YY Panty.png YY Panty.tip.png

\Yesteryear_Nightgown\People\Genesis 8 Female\Clothing\PS\YesterYear Nightgown\Iray Materials\ YY Nightgown 01.duf YY Nightgown 01.png YY Nightgown 01.tip.png YY Nightgown 02.duf YY Nightgown 02.png YY Nightgown 02.tip.png YY Nightgown 03.duf YY Nightgown 03.png YY Nightgown 03.tip.png YY Nightgown 04.duf YY Nightgown 04.png YY Nightgown 04.tip.png YY Nightgown 05.duf YY Nightgown 05.png YY Nightgown 05.tip.png YY Nightgown 06.duf YY Nightgown 06.png YY Nightgown 06.tip.png YY Nightgown 07.duf YY Nightgown 07.png YY Nightgown 07.tip.png YY Nightgown 08.duf YY Nightgown 08.png YY Nightgown 08.tip.png YY Nightgown 09.duf YY Nightgown 09.png YY Nightgown 09.tip.png YY Nightgown 10.duf YY Nightgown 10.png YY Nightgown 10.tip.png YY Nightgown HIDE Skirt.duf YY Nightgown HIDE Skirt.png YY Nightgown HIDE Skirt.tip.png YY Nightgown SHOW Skirt.duf YY Nightgown SHOW Skirt.png YY Nightgown SHOW Skirt.tip.png YY Panty 01.duf YY Panty 01.png YY Panty 01.tip.png YY Panty 02.duf YY Panty 02.png YY Panty 02.tip.png YY Panty 03.duf YY Panty 03.png YY Panty 03.tip.png YY Panty 04.duf YY Panty 04.png YY Panty 04.tip.png YY Panty 05.duf YY Panty 05.png YY Panty 05.tip.png YY Panty 06.duf YY Panty 06.png YY Panty 06.tip.png YY Panty 07.duf YY Panty 07.png YY Panty 07.tip.png YY Panty 08.duf YY Panty 08.png YY Panty 08.tip.png YY Panty 09.duf YY Panty 09.png YY Panty 09.tip.png YY Panty 10.duf YY Panty 10.png YY Panty 10.tip.png

\Yesteryear_Nightgown\People\Genesis 8 Female\Clothing\PS\YesterYear Nightgown\Iray Materials\02 Opacity\ YY Opacity 01.duf YY Opacity 01.png YY Opacity 01.tip.png YY Opacity 02.duf YY Opacity 02.png YY Opacity 02.tip.png YY Opacity 03.duf YY Opacity 03.png YY Opacity 03.tip.png YY Opacity 04.duf YY Opacity 04.png YY Opacity 04.tip.png YY Opacity 05.duf YY Opacity 05.png YY Opacity 05.tip.png

\Yesteryear_Nightgown\People\Genesis 8 Female\Clothing\PS\YesterYear Nightgown\Iray Materials\01 Colors\ YY Apricot.duf YY Apricot.png YY Apricot.tip.png YY Aqua.duf YY Aqua.png YY Aqua.tip.png YY Banana.duf YY Banana.png YY Banana.tip.png YY Beige.duf YY Beige.png YY Beige.tip.png YY Black.duf YY Black.png YY Black.tip.png YY Blossom Pink.duf YY Blossom Pink.png YY Blossom Pink.tip.png YY Bright Green.duf YY Bright Green.png YY Bright Green.tip.png YY Brown.duf YY Brown.png YY Brown.tip.png YY Fuchsia.duf YY Fuchsia.png YY Fuchsia.tip.png YY Gold.duf YY Gold.png YY Gold.tip.png YY Gray.duf YY Gray.png YY Gray.tip.png YY Lavender.duf YY Lavender.png YY Lavender.tip.png YY Lime.duf YY Lime.png YY Lime.tip.png YY Navy Blue.duf YY Navy Blue.png YY Navy Blue.tip.png YY Oceana.duf YY Oceana.png YY Oceana.tip.png YY Olive Green.duf YY Olive Green.png YY Olive Green.tip.png YY Orchid.duf YY Orchid.png YY Orchid.tip.png YY Peach.duf YY Peach.png YY Peach.tip.png YY Periwinkle.duf YY Periwinkle.png YY Periwinkle.tip.png YY Red.duf YY Red.png YY Red.tip.png YY Royal Blue.duf YY Royal Blue.png YY Royal Blue.tip.png YY Teal.duf YY Teal.png YY Teal.tip.png YY Violet.duf YY Violet.png YY Violet.tip.png YY White.duf YY White.png YY White.tip.png YY Yellow.duf YY Yellow.png YY Yellow.tip.png

\Yesteryear_Nightgown\People\Genesis 8 Female\Clothing\PS\YesterYear Nightgown\Dforce\ YY Default Simulation Settings.duf YY Default Simulation Settings.png YY Default Simulation Settings.tip.png YY Nightgown Simulation Settings.duf YY Nightgown Simulation Settings.png YY Nightgown Simulation Settings.tip.png

\Yesteryear_Nightgown\General\YesterYearNightgownOutft_Templates\ YesterYearNightgownTemplate.jpg YesterYearPantyTemplate.jpg

\Yesteryear_Nightgown\data\shadownet3d\Yesteryear_Nightgown\Panty\ psyyngpanty.dsf

\Yesteryear_Nightgown\data\shadownet3d\Yesteryear_Nightgown\Panty\UV Sets\shadownet3d\Base\ default.dsf

\Yesteryear_Nightgown\data\shadownet3d\Yesteryear_Nightgown\Panty\Morphs\shadownet3d\Base\ Loosen Back.dsf Loosen BackL.dsf Loosen BackMid.dsf Loosen BackR.dsf Loosen Buttocks.dsf Loosen Fit.dsf Loosen Front.dsf Loosen FrontL.dsf Loosen FrontMid.dsf Loosen FrontR.dsf Loosen Left.dsf Loosen Right.dsf pJCMThighFwd_57_L.dsf pJCMThighFwd_57_R.dsf pJCMThighSide_85_L.dsf pJCMThighSide_85_LR.dsf pJCMThighSide_85_R.dsf

\Yesteryear_Nightgown\data\shadownet3d\Yesteryear_Nightgown\Nightgown\ psyynightgown.dsf

\Yesteryear_Nightgown\data\shadownet3d\Yesteryear_Nightgown\Nightgown\UV Sets\shadownet3d\Base\ default.dsf

\Yesteryear_Nightgown\data\shadownet3d\Yesteryear_Nightgown\Nightgown\Morphs\shadownet3d\Base\ CTRLBreastsImplants.dsf CTRLBreastsNatural.dsf FBMAiko8.dsf FBMAubrey8.dsf FBMBabina8.dsf FBMBodySize.dsf FBMBodyTone.dsf FBMBodybuilderDetails.dsf FBMBodybuilderSize.dsf FBMCelani8.dsf FBMDarcy8.dsf FBMEdie8.dsf FBMEmaciated.dsf FBMFitnessSize.dsf FBMGirl8.dsf FBMHeavy.dsf FBMHonni8.dsf FBMKanade8.dsf FBMLeisa8.dsf FBMMeiLin8.dsf FBMMillawa8.dsf FBMMrsChow8.dsf FBMNida8.dsf FBMPearFigure.dsf FBMTasha8.dsf FBMTeenJosie8Body.dsf FBMThin.dsf FBMVictoria8.dsf FBMVictoria8_1.dsf FBMVoluptuous.dsf FBMZelara8.dsf Loosen All.dsf Loosen Bodice Ruffle 02.dsf Loosen Bodice Ruffle.dsf Loosen Breasts.dsf Loosen Buttocks.dsf Loosen Hips.dsf Loosen Skirt.dsf Loosen Top.dsf PBMBreastsCleavage.dsf PBMBreastsDiameter.dsf PBMBreastsGone.dsf PBMBreastsHeavy.dsf PBMBreastsShape01.dsf PBMBreastsShape02.dsf PBMBreastsShape03.dsf PBMBreastsShape04.dsf PBMBreastsShape05.dsf PBMBreastsShape06.dsf PBMBreastsShape07.dsf PBMBreastsShape08.dsf PBMBreastsSize.dsf PBMBreastsSmall.dsf PBMBreastsUnderCurve.dsf Skirt Back Left 01.dsf Skirt Back Left 02.dsf Skirt Back Left 03.dsf Skirt Back Right 01.dsf Skirt Back Right 02.dsf Skirt Back Right 03.dsf Skirt Back.dsf Skirt Folds.dsf Skirt Front Left 01.dsf Skirt Front Left 02.dsf Skirt Front Left 03.dsf Skirt Front Right 01.dsf Skirt Front Right 02.dsf Skirt Front Right 03.dsf Skirt Front.dsf Skirt Left Side.dsf Skrt Right Side.dsf pJCMAbdomen2Fwd_40.dsf pJCMChestSide_20_L.dsf pJCMChestSide_20_R.dsf pJCMCollarUp_55_L.dsf pJCMCollarUp_55_R.dsf pJCMShinBend_155_L.dsf pJCMShinBend_155_R.dsf pJCMShinBend_90_L.dsf pJCMShinBend_90_R.dsf pJCMShldrUp_90_L.dsf pJCMShldrUp_90_R.dsf pJCMThighBack_35_L.dsf pJCMThighBack_35_R.dsf pJCMThighFwd_115_L.dsf pJCMThighFwd_115_R.dsf pJCMThighFwd_57_L.dsf pJCMThighFwd_57_R.dsf pJCMThighSide_85_L.dsf pJCMThighSide_85_R.dsf

Installation Packages

Below is a list of the installation package types provided by this product. The name of each package contains a Package Qualifier, which is used as a key to indicate something about the contents of that package.

  • 1 Core 1)

[ ] = Optional, depending on target application(s)

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dForce YesterYear Nightgown Outfit for Genesis 8 Females (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Clothing:PS”
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Clothing:PS:YesterYear Nightgown”
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Clothing:PS:YesterYear Nightgown:Dforce”
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Clothing:PS:YesterYear Nightgown:Iray Materials”
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Clothing:PS:YesterYear Nightgown:Iray Materials:01 Colors”
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Clothing:PS:YesterYear Nightgown:Iray Materials:02 Opacity”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Materials:Iray:Wardrobe”
    • “Shaders:Iray:Fabric”
    • “Simulation-Settings”
    • “Wardrobe:Dresses”
    • “Wardrobe:Outfits”
    • “Wardrobe:Underwear:Bottoms”
    • “Web Links”

Additional Details

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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The contents of this package are in DAZ Studio Native formats