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ZBrush Masterclass : Design and Sculpt a Chess Set

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Product Name: ZBrush Masterclass : Design and Sculpt a Chess Set
Product ID: 92844
Published Artist(s): Digital Art Live, magbhitu
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2023-12-27

Product Information

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Chess has always been a source of fascination, not just for its intricate gameplay but also for its beautifully designed pieces, each with its own story, form, and significance. Now, through the lens of ZBrush, we’re offering you a unique opportunity to breathe life into these iconic forms.

Whether you’re a DAZ 3D content creator, a budding digital sculptor or a seasoned artist looking to diversify your portfolio, this video tutorial set by John Haverkamp will enrich your ZBrush journey. Dive deep into the world of design principles with sculpting and detailed texturing as you learn to craft a series of chess pieces, including transforming the DAZ 3 Horse into a Knight. To complete the project, John also shows you how to create a chessboard.

Improve your ZBrush sculpting skills so that you can:

Master the intricacies of design principles, enhancing your artistic vision and creating consistent, captivating chess pieces.

Elevate your ZBrush skills by learning advanced sculpting and texturing techniques, setting you apart as a proficient and versatile digital artist.

Develop a unique and personal style that resonates through your entire chess set, making every piece a work of art.

Unlock the secrets to crafting exquisite chess pieces with ZBrush, a leading digital sculpting tool. This comprehensive tutorial series guides you through the creation process, equipping you with the skills to:

John Haverkamp is going to show you a guide to sculpting chess pieces in ZBrush so that you can:

Understand the significance of historical sculpting styles and apply them to digital creations.

Utilize advanced ZBrush features for intricate modeling.

Create detailed, game-ready chess pieces with final level texturing and finishing.

This tutorial product is for you if you are in one of these situations:

a) An aspiring or professional digital artist looking to hone your sculpting skills.

b) A traditional sculptor transitioning to digital and seeking to replicate physical textures

c) A game developer or 3D modeler aiming to add finely crafted objects to your portfolio.

3. This is for you if you want to accomplish:

Crafting a set of chess pieces with individual character and style.

Learning the end-to-end process of digital sculpting, from initial block out to final texture baking.

4. John is going to show you how to understand ZBrush's robust toolset…Even if you:

Have limited experience with digital sculpting tools.

Struggle with the transition from physical to digital art forms.

Are new to ZBrush and its complex array of features.

Product Overview:

This tutorial series is crafted to guide both novices and more experienced sculptors through the nuanced process of digital chess piece creation. The sessions are structured to progressively build your skills, allowing you to:

Master the foundational techniques of primitive-based sculpting.

Understand and apply advanced features like live booleans, shadowbox, and polygroups.

Enhance your sculptures with detailed textures and realistic finishes using Substance Painter.

Tackle complex UV mapping and topology optimization for a professional outcome.

Recommended Experience to Utilize this Tutorial Set:

Basic knowledge of the ZBrush user interface is required for this tutorial set

Recommended for beginners and intermediate level ZBrush users

Substance Painter and Marmoset are also used and mentioned

Video format and running time

5 hours and 22 minutes

Four videos recorded in HD 1920 x 1080 MP4 format

Includes searchable library of these videos : any keyword or phrase can be searched for across all four videos.

Sample Video

Presenter : John Haverkamp- Proven Experience with ZBrush

John Haverkamp was born in Ohio and then moved to the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia at a young age. There, he spent a semi-isolated childhood re-enacting the Lord of the Rings and being corrupted by Dungeons and Dragons. Always with the fondness for the fantastical and medieval, art school drove him deeper into Luddite territory by granting him the skills of a traditional metal-smith. This meant post-college jobs making copper fountains, welding and steel fabricating, casting and finishing bronze sculptures, and working for an architectural blacksmith throughout his twenties.

Digitally, John got sucked into cyberspace and the arcane mysteries of 3D studio max. The perfect software match for John was Zbrush, which he discovered over 15 years ago. Now, he teaches digital arts and ZBrush, constantly endeavoring to improve his craft as a digital sculptor and visualizer through personal work, illustration, and indie game projects.

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