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UltraScenery2 - Realistic Landscape System

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Product Name: UltraScenery2 - Realistic Landscape System
Product ID: 98176
Published Artist(s): Daz Originals
Created By: HowieFarkes
Release Date: 2024-05-29

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Introducing UltraScenery2, the cutting-edge evolution of the groundbreaking UltraScenery - Realistic Landscape System for Daz Studio. Taking realism to new heights, UltraScenery2 enhances the user experience and output quality. Leveraging Studio's plug-in architecture, it offers unprecedented speed, scalability, and versatility for scene creation. With UltraScenery2, your imagination is the only limit to the breathtaking landscapes you can create.

Features include:

Created as a Daz Studio plug-in

Bigger/Resizable Terrains

Flexible Previews

Layered Ecology/Biome system

New high resolution terrain materials

New terrain generation system

Compatible with UltraScenery content

It's a plug-in!

Rewriting UltraScenery2 as a plug-in for Daz Studio, as opposed to being a Daz Script like UltraScenery, has unleashed greater speed potential such that most operations are now realtime. It's even faster than the Accelerator for UltraScenery. No more adjusting some settings and waiting a few minutes for the scene to build again. The ability to instantly iterate through changes greatly boosts creativity.

Bigger Terrains

Terrains can now vary in size from 64 x 64m up to 256 x 256m - that's up to 16x larger than the original. Of course bigger terrains means bigger instance counts so UltraScenery2 employs a number of optimization strategies to keep things usable. Camera culling of instances not within the camera view is on by default now.


It is now possible to preview the instances of selected layers and their biome types within the viewport - essential for getting the camera position just right. Preview tree layers in their full 3d mesh glory - no more lowres proxies. There is also the option to enable previewing instances with NVidia Iray in the viewport.

Ecology Layers

The ecology system of UltraScenery2 is a new from the ground up and allows great flexibility in determining the size, spacing, and density of plants within the scene.

Terrain Generators

UltraScenery2 borrows the terrain generation and modification system from UltraSceneryXT. This means a very flexible and powerful system for shaping the earth with noise generators, eroded hills and imported height maps. Apply displacement maps and erosion filters to further refine the terrain's geometry.


Use all your older (Classic) UltraScenery content within UltraScenery2*. Content compatibility was an important priority during development - you can use Classic Ecologies on new Terrain presets, or use new Ecologies on Classic Features.

There is no better solution for creating limitless, beautiful and highly detailed landscapes within Daz Studio than UltraScenery2.

* Some restrictions may be applicable - such as Classic Features will only work as expected on terrains that are 64 x 64m and Biome layer settings are not available for Classic Ecologies

Product Notes

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UltraScenery2 - Realistic Landscape System Daz Studio Content (Core)

DAZ Studio Folders

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • ./Environments/Landscapes/UltraScenery2/Plants
    • ./Environments/Landscapes/UltraScenery2/Props
    • ./Environments/Landscapes/UltraScenery2/Render presets
    • ./Environments/Landscapes/UltraScenery2/Terrain Materials

DAZ Studio Categories

  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • Materials » Iray » Landscape
    • Props » Landscape » Plants
    • Props » Landscape » Rocks
    • Render-Settings » Iray

Additional Details

  • If the Browse section is not finding the content then close studio and reopen it and the browse boxes should be populated this is a limitation of studio

Resolved Issues

  • 2024-06-04 Update to Changes:
    • No longer crashes if you select “Multiply” as the mixing type when you have checked “Height Map” but not actually chosen a map
    • Can now use “Ignore Culling” on all Biome layers
    • Forces the terrain to be selected and make it the primary selection when loading presets (to fix some crashes where the terrain was being deselected)
    • Water properties should be able to be adjusted from within the US2 UI again
    • Added in some extra null checks when loading JSON files (Studio can crash if it's expecting a value from the JSON and doesn't get it)

Known Issues

  • None


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