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A tutorial by Orlan Lyle (Grendel).

Open the 3d Primitives tab and create a grid with a single polygon.

Select the single polygon and open the Vertex modeling tab.

Select the Quad Tesselation tool from the Tesselate dropdown menu: This will automatically divide your poly into quarters.

Select the vertices we have just created with the Quad tesselate tool and copy/ paste them.

Then open the surface modeling tab and select the Thickness tool. Change the number of points to four.

Select your four polygon grid and use the Thickness tool again to create the glass for your window pane.

Then select outer diameter polygons and copy/paste them as well and scale slightly so they are deeper to form the window frame.

With the frame polygons selected use the Thickness tool again to grow the frame outward.

Position the cross piece back to the center of the window pane and we are finished.

Materials that are transparent can be added for the window glass.

A simple render with our four pane window we just created.