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Below is a “sanitized” version of the Install Manager change log leading to the General Release of version This log is posted as part of a conscious effort to be more transparent in the development process. That being said, not all information relating to a particular build is present on this page - some information is still considered private and is therefore not included.

Private Beta

  • Added Windows 10 and OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) to Operating System enumeration/reporting; the version of the Qt framework built against does not support detection of newer OS X values

InstallMgr : Incremented build number to

  • Fixed an issue that allowed software and/or plugins tagged for Daz Studio 4.5+ to be erroneously marked as installed by Daz Connect and therefore require the “Connect Installed” filter to be checked in order to see them
  • Added Filter By SKU/Ranges/
    • 32,000 - 32,999
    • 33,000 - 33,999
    • 34,000 - 34,999
    • 35,000 - 35,999
    • 36,000 - 36,999
    • 37,000 - 37,999

InstallMgr : Incremented build number to

  • Build system tweaks

InstallMgr : Incremented build number to


  • 2017-1-20