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Install Manifest

This page is a WIP. There is likely to be incomplete and or missing information while the page is being built.




<DAZInstallManifest VERSION="0.1">
	<GlobalID VALUE="8c4aff9e-9d0f-4470-86d7-f9f4f051c42c"/>
	<MetadataGlobalID VALUE="8c4aff9e-9d0f-4470-86d7-f9f4f051c42c"/>
	<SmartContent VALUE="True"/>
	<UserInstallAccount VALUE=""/>
	<UserInstallPath VALUE="C:/Users/Customer/Documents/DAZ 3D/TEMP"/>
	<ProductName VALUE="Genesis Starter Essentials"/>
	<ProductStoreIDX VALUE="14812-1"/>
	<ProductFileGuid VALUE="be7b6f46-5535-7a8f-22dd-8a15d4c9730b"/>
	<UserOrderDate VALUE="2012-09-16T18:30:00Z"/>
	<UserInstallDate VALUE="2012-11-25T04:57:31Z"/>
	<File TARGET="Content" ACTION="Install" VALUE="Some/relative/path/file.ext"/>

Keys & Values

  • DAZInstallManifest - Identifies the contents of the file as being one which provides installation information about a product to Install Manager.
    • GlobalID - A Globally Unique Identifier (GUID), used to uniquely and globally identify the product within the market.
    • MetadataGlobalID - A Globally Unique Identifier (GUID), as specified by metadata included in the product.
    • SmartContent - Whether or not the product is considered “smart”; it provided metadata.
    • UserInstallAccount - The account that installed the product.
    • UserInstallPath - The path that the product was installed to.
    • ProductName - The name displayed to the user within the Install Manager User Interface (UI).
    • ProductStoreIDX - A hyphenated value, comprised of two integers, that is used to uniquely identify the product and download within the DAZ 3D store. The left portion of the value corresponds with the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) used to identify the product, while the right portion of the value is used to uniquely identify a downloadable file provided by that product.
    • ProductFileGuid - A Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) created from a MD5 digest of the associated .zip file. This GUID is used to determine whether an update for the downloadable file exists on the DAZ 3D store.
    • UserOrderDate - The UTC date that the product was added to the current account, in ISO 8601 extended format. This date can be used to sort product lists displayed in the Install Manager UI.
    • UserInstallDate - The UTC date that the product was installed, in ISO 8601 extended format. This date can be used to sort product lists displayed in the Install Manager UI.
    • File - See Package Manifest.
    • Application - See Package Manifest.
    • Desktop - See Package Manifest.
    • AppMenu - See Package Manifest.