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UV's Update or Replace


Learn how to update and or replace the UV's on a model.

Process Overview

  • Load new UV's
  • Rename
  • Save file
  • Edit the file in a text editor and save


The following process is not an ideal one, but it works. If you have a suggestion on a better or faster technique please share it with us.

Step By Step

Step 1: Load the UV Set

Load in your new UV set onto the model

Step 2: Rename

Name it something simple and unique such as “new.”

Step 3: Save the File

Save the new UV set (File > Save As > Support Asset > DSF UV Set File)

Step 4: Edit the File in a Text Editor

Open the new UV set in a text editor

  • Search in the text editor for the word “new” and replace all instances of it with “default”
  • Save the file over the top of the original UV set that was named “default.dsf”
  • Delete the “new.dsf” file.


When you reload your model into DAZ Studio it will load the new UV set.