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Below, and to the left under Daz Studio 4.x Reference Guide, you will see topics regarding the various concepts that you will encounter while using or learning about Daz Studio.

These pages are provided as a reference to teach you about the software, including any terms and definitions you may need to know, where you can find each tool or feature, what each icon looks like, and what they do.

For step-by-step tutorials on using Daz Studio, please refer to the User Guide.



  • Terms (Glossary) - an index and glossary of terminology you may encounter while using Daz Studio
  • User Interface (UI) - explains every interface element in Daz Studio 4.x; the flow of the information will progress from “general and simple” to “focused and complex” to help you navigate the material easily
  • Plugins - information regarding plug-ins, available from the Daz 3D Store, that expand the capabilities of Daz Studio


  • Scripting - information about the scripting language, the scripting API, and many samples to help you get started creating your own scripts for Daz Studio