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DAZ Studio

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  • User Guide - This section of the documentation provides tutorials, videos and tips on how to accomplish certain tasks using a wide range of features within the application.
  • Reference Guide - This section of the documentation focuses on breaking the application down into all of its smaller parts. Things like what something is called, where you can find it and what each option does or means. It serves as the foundation for which the tutorials, videos and tips in the User Guide section can be built on top of and refer back to for more specific information.


DAZ Studio is built, from the ground up, with the intention of serving multiple levels/types of user from the same core application. Ranging from complete novice, to seasoned veteran. This is accomplished by providing different configurations of the application that are targeted at a subset of the overall userbase. We call each of these configurations an edition.

Not all editions are created equal. The higher the edition, the more features you will have available to you. You will also have greater control over customizing the User Interface (UI) to better suite your workflow. As with many things, having the ability to do more comes with a greater responsibility to learn/know more.

Below are links to the product pages, on the DAZ 3D site: