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Ready to Download Page

Ready to Download Page


When working_offline, the Ready to Download Page is disabled - the application must be able to connect to the DAZ 3D store in order to retrieve the list of available downloads for an account and for this page to serve a purpose. When working_online, this page provides a list of all products and/or updates that are ready for download, for the current account.

Any products that Install Manager already has a record of downloading and/or installing, for the current account, are not displayed here - unless an update to that product exists on the store, in which case the update will be displayed on this page. Products that have already been downloaded or installed are displayed on the Ready to Install Page, or the Installed Page, respectively. If an update to a product has been downloaded but not installed and a newer update becomes available from the store, the update will be displayed on this page rather than on the Ready to Install Page.

The product_count_indicator, to the left of the page title, displays the number of products currently shown in the list. This number increments or decrements as products move between the pages. This number also updates when the Filter Field is used, to indicate the number of products that match the criteria entered into the field.

Additional information for a given product/update can be viewed by clicking the information_button, between the Product Name and the Status columns. Clicking this button will open the system default URL handler (usually a web browser) to the corresponding page in the Read Me > Product Index on this site.

When it comes to downloading the products/updates listed on this page, you have a couple of options. You can download each product/update individually by pressing the download_button in the Status column, on the right. Or, if you would like to download a batch of products/updates, you can queue those products for download by checking the small box on the left side of the Product Name column. Checking or unchecking the box next to the “Product Updates” and/or “Products” parent items will cause all of their respective child items to follow in kind. These two items provide 3 distinct checked states: checked, partially checked and unchecked.

When one or more of these boxes are checked, the start_queue_button, below the list, becomes enabled. Pressing the button causes processing of the queue to begin and the checked products/updates to start downloading. At this point, all of the checked products/updates will become unchecked and the Start Queue button will become disabled. Once there are products/updates in the queue (signified by the product/update displaying a download_progress_indicator and a cancel_download_button in place of the Download Button and product_options_button), the clear_queue_button becomes enabled, which when pressed clears the queue of all downloads that haven't already begun. While the queue is being processed, checking the small boxes on the left side of the Product Name column will cause the Start Queue Button to become enabled and its label to indicate “Add to Queue”. Clicking the button while in this state will cause any checked products/updates that are not already in the queue to be added to the end of the queue, the checked products/updates to become unchecked and the button to return to its previous state.

When the Download Progress Indicator for a given product/update is full and the download is complete, the product is moved from this page to the Ready to Install Page. If you have the install_after_download_option at the bottom of the list checked, the product/update will install without any further interaction required from you. In this case, the product is moved from the list on this page to the list on the Ready to Install Page and then finally to the list on the Installed Page. If you use this option you may also want to be sure that the “Install To” paths, displayed in the installation_details at the bottom of the page when the show_details_option is checked, are set to the desired locations prior to beginning the download(s).

When a product is downloaded, the package (*.zip) it was downloaded in is placed in a predefined folder on your hard drive. You can view and/or change this location in the Settings Window, at the top of the downloads_page.

  • TODO: Document Download Filters.
  • TODO: Document the Display Hidden option.
  • TODO: Document the Sort Order options.
  • TODO: Document the context menu and its various actions.

Parent Elements

Below is a list of interface elements that the Ready to Download Page can exist within:

  • Product Status - The area of the UI that provides you with interactive lists of products that you can download, install and/or uninstall.

Child Elements

Below is a list of interface elements that exist within the Ready to Download Page: