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Weight Map Creation


There are two methods of weight_map type rigging supported in DAZ Studio 4.x :

  • TriAx™ weight mapping 1) provides an extended flexibility that allows a high degree of creator control over complex, high quality bends. TriAx™ weight mapping allows the creation of :
    • 1 weight map per bone rotation axis (X, Y, Z)2)
    • 1 weight map for bone scaling 3)
    • 2 weight maps per joint rotation axis for bulge 4)
    • 1 weight map for mesh area rigidity 5)
  • General, or “traditional”, weight mapping is a method that only allows a single weight map to control all axes of rotation and scale on a bone. This limits the degree of control but has the benefit of easier editing.

The weight mapping method used can be changed by converting a TriAx™ weight mapped figure to a General weight mapped figure by choosing Edit > Figure > Rigging > Convert TriAx Weight to General Weight from the Main Menu Bar.

Types of Weight Maps

  • Rotation : Controls the falloff of the bones rotation or 'bend' effect.
  • Scale : Controls the falloff of the bones scale effect.
  • Bulge Right/Left : Controls a radial push from the bone center point along its rotation axis.
  • Rigidity : Controls the falloff of the Rigidity effect. 6)
  • General Weights : This map type only applies to figures which use the General weight mapping method, where it takes the place of Rotation and Scale maps.

Creating/Removing Weight Maps

Main Menu Bar : Window > Tabs > Tool Settings 7)

Adding a Weight Map :

  1. Choose from available maps in the Unused Maps drop-down list. 8)
  2. Click Add Map.

Removing a Weight Map :

  1. Right-click the map you wish to remove.
  2. Choose Remove Selected.
debuted with the Genesis™ figure by DAZ 3D
2) , 4)
defined in “local” space
3) , 5)
defined in “figure” or “object” space
Can only be added to the root node of a figure.
With the Weight Map Brush active.
Only maps which do not already exist will show up in the Unused Maps list.