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Widget that makes up a column in a DzDockArea.


Inherits :


Detailed Description

TODO: Add detailed description.


Number : depth()

Return Value:

  • The current depth of the column. This is the same as width() for Right and Left dock areas, or height() for Top and Bottom dock areas.

Number : getNumWindows()

Return Value:

  • The number of windows docked in this column

Number : getPreferredDepth()

Return Value:

  • The preferred depth of the column.

DzDockWindow : getWindow( Number which )


  • which - The index of the window to return.

Return Value:

  • The docked window at the given index

Boolean : isMinimized()

Return Value:

  • true if this column is currently minimized

void : minimize()

Minimizes the column, if it is not already. The column shrinks so that only its resizing handle is visible.

Number : minimumDepth()

Return Value:

  • The minimum depth of the column.

void : restore()

Restores the column to its previous depth if the column is currently minimized.

void : setPreferredDepth( Number depth )

Sets the 'depth' of the column.


  • depth - The new depth for the column. If depth is less than the minimum depth, the column becomes the minimum depth.


  • 'Depth' refers to the distance between the handle/divider used to resize the column and the opposite edge. If the column is in the Left, Center or Right DzDockArea, 'depth' refers to the width of the column. If the column is in the Top or Bottom DzDockArea, 'depth' refers to the height of the column (or row).

void : toggleMinimized()

Toggles whether this column is minimized - if minimized, the column restores itself, if full size the column becomes minimized.