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Represents Document Object Model (DOM) “Text”.


Inherits :

Inherited By : DzDomCDATASection


DAZ Script
DzDomNodesplitText ( Number offset )

Detailed Description

A script wrapper for QDomText. This object represents “Text” data in a DOM document.

Instances of this object are not constructed directly, rather they are returned by calling DzDomDocument::createTextNode().


DzDomNode : splitText( Number offset )

Splits this text node into two text nodes. This node keeps the first part of the split and the remaining characters are inserted into the document tree as another DzDomText object, after this object.


  • offset - The position within this node's text to split at.

Return Value:

  • The newly created DzDomText object with the characters in the latter part of the split (if any), otherwise a DzDomBasicNode.