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Detailed Description

Container class for folder assets.


Array : excludeFolders

Holds the list of folder names to exclude as children of this container.

Array : fileFilters

Holds the list of file filters for this container.

Array : onlyIncludeFolders

Holds the list of folder names to allow as children of this container.


Boolean : fileMatchesFilter( String shortFileName )

Return Value:

  • true if shortFileName matches the filter for this container.

String : getFullPath()

Return Value:

  • The full path of the folder that this container represents.

Boolean : hasDirectoryChildren()

Return Value:

  • true if this container has child containers that are directories, otherwise false.

Boolean : insertsAsLink( DzAsset asset )

Return Value:

  • true if asset conflicts will create a link when called, otherwise false.



Boolean : updateChildren()

Attempts to update the child containers of this container.

Return Value:

  • true if the update was successful, otherwise false.