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Script wrapper for QLCDNumber.


Inherits :


DAZ Script
Mode{ Hex, Dec, Oct, Bin, HEX, DEC, OCT, BIN }
SegmentStyle{ Outline, Filled, Flat }



DAZ Script
DzLCDNumber ( DzWidget parent )


voidoverflow ()

Detailed Description

Provides a LCD-style number display.

The following digits and symbols can be displayed:

0/O, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5/S, 6, 7, 8, 9/g, - (minus), . (decimal point), A, B, C, D, E, F, h, H, L, o, P, r, u, U, Y, : (colon), ° (degree sign - which is specified as single quote in the string) and space.

Illegal characters are substituted with spaces.


: Mode

Enumerated mode (number base) types.

  • Hex - Hexadecimal (base 16)
  • Dec - Decimal (base 10)
  • Oct - Octal (base 8)
  • Bin - Binary (base 2)
  • HEX - Same as Hex
  • DEC - Same as Dec
  • OCT - Same as Oct
  • BIN - Same as Bin


: SegmentStyle

Enumerated segment style (visual appearance) types.

  • Outline - Raised segments filled with the background color
  • Filled - Raised segments filled with the foreground color
  • Flat - Flat segments filled with the foreground color


Mode : mode

Holds the display mode of the number.

Number : numDigits

Holds the number of digits displayed in the widget.

SegmentStyle : segmentStyle

Holds the style of the number.

Boolean : smallDecimalPoint

Holds whether or not the decimal point is drawn between digits; takes up a digit of its own if false.

Number : value

Holds the value of the number.


DzLCDNumber( DzWidget parent )

Creates a LCD number widget as a child of the given parent widget.


  • parent - The widget parent for the LCD number.


void : overflow()


Emitted when the number is set to a value that exceeds the number of digits.