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A dockable collection of interface panes.


Inherits :



voidemptyGroup ()

Detailed Description

The dockable tabbed pane that is used to organize panes in the DAZ Studio interface.


DzPane : getCurrentPane()

Return Value:

  • The currently showing pane.

Point : getDragOffset()

Return Value:

  • The offset, in pixels, from the point where a drag started to the top left corner (including extra for frame, titlebar, etc.)

Number : getNumPanes()

Return Value:

  • The number of panes in this group.

Number : getNumShownPanes()

Return Value:

  • The number of panes shown in this group.

DzPane : getPane( Number i )


  • i - The index of the pane to get.

Return Value:

  • The pane in this group at the given index (if any), otherwise NULL.

void : hideAllPanes()

Hides all panes without changing their group ownership.

void : hidePane( DzPane pane )

Hides the given pane without changing its group ownership.


  • pane - The pane to be hidden.

void : hideTabBar( Boolean hide )

Sets whether this pane group's tab bar is hidden or not. Emits DzPane::tabBarHiddenChanged(). When the tab bar is hidden, the options menu for the current pane is not visible. If desired, DzPane instances should connect to it's DzPane::tabBarHiddenChanged() signal to be able to provide an alternate options menu when the tab bar is hidden.


  • hide - If true, hides the tab bar.

Boolean : isUndockable()

Return Value:

  • true if the group is undockable (is a child of a panegroupdlg_dz), otherwise false.



void : setPaneEnabled( DzPane pane, Boolean enabled )

Enable or disabled the given pane in the interface, if it is a member of this group.


  • pane - The pane to be enabled or disabled.
  • enabled - If true, the pane will be enabled, otherwise the pane will be disabled.

void : showPane( DzPane pane )

Makes sure the given pane is showing (if it is a member of this group).


  • pane - The pane to be shown.

Boolean : tabBarHidden()

Return Value:

  • true if this pane group's tab bar is hidden, otherwise false.


void : emptyGroup()

TODO: Add description.