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Creating Surface Groups *

* = Review

Foundation: Different kinds of polygon groups, use of surface groups to make customizing textures easy, esp. hems, edges

Step by Step: Add details, add screenshots

Wrap-Up: Show some examples of how the item in Step by Step looks with different surface parameters applied to new zones

Next Steps: Face Groups, Regions, Rigidity, Surfaces & Materials


Use the Polygon Group Editor to select polygons in a conforming item and assign them to particular groups, in this case Surface Groups (a.k.a. Material Zones).

Process Overview

  • View Tool Settings tab
  • Activate Polygon Group Editor tool
  • Select Polygons
  • Create Surface Group
  • Assign Name
  • Delete empty groups as needed


Step By Step

View [[Tool Settings]] tab

Activate Polygon Group Editor tool

Select Polygons

  • View existing Surface or Face Group settings, may be used to select polygons, or:
  • Right-Click conforming item, Polygon Selection → Mode
    • Rectangle
    • Lasso
    • Drag

Create Surface Group

  • Right-Click Surface Group heading, Create Surface Group from Selected…
  • Assign name (may be different from bone name)

Delete empty groups as needed


Next Steps