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Brickyard : Functions > Lighting > environment

In a scene that uses only directional lighting (e.g. Distant Lights, Spot Lights), the Ambient color of an object is often set to black or the ambient strength is set to 0.




  • Ambient Color : Color - The total amount of ambient light incident upon the surface.


In a Material

  • In these examples, one Ambient Light, or Base Light, is used. In the first example, the shader on the test object is a DS Default Material shader with default settings, i.e. Diffuse = white, Ambient = Black. Because only ambient light is provided, and the DS Default Material brick multiplies the ambient color by the surface color, the surface renders black. In the second example, a simple shader plugs the Ambient value directly into the Surface root brick, and because the surface receives 100% ambient light, the surface renders as white.