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Pane (Tab)


Pane (Tab)

A Pane is a container for various interface elements that are closely associated with a particular label and grouped together to provide information and/or interaction, given a particular context. The label is typically one that is intended to briefly describe a concept or product and resides within a Tab that is attached to the Pane.


Below is a list of Panes found within the DAZ Studio 4.x interface. Each one you encounter as you work within the application is likely to be different, many of them significantly so and tailored to specific areas or tasks. As such, each Pane is given its own page(s) to describe its respective purpose.

Parent Elements

Below is a list of interface elements that a Pane can exist within:

  • Pane (Tab) Group - A container element that allows several Panes to be stacked within the same area.

Child Elements

Below is a list of interface elements that can exist within a Pane: