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Caustic Light [Camera]

Brickyard : Roots > Lights

Creates the effect of light focused on another surface in the scene, as by light passing through glass or a liquid (as a Caustic surface material) or reflected from a surface. In order to capture Caustic effects, it is necessary to create matching Surfaces and Cameras, and to use a Shader Mixer light.


Root Caustic Light Brick



  • Intensity : Float - Description…
  • Caustics Color : Color - Description…
  • Root Settings1) : Float - Description…
  • Samples : Description…
  • Sample Mode : Description…
  • Illumination : Description…


  • This example shows the Caustic Shader Mixer sample scene, using the Chrome sample material shader, a very simple spotlight with Shadows-Standard, and a Camera configured to capture Caustic effects.
    Example 1
Available when Show Advanced is checked in the Brick Option Menu.