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Brickyard : Roots

The root brick for a volumetric (Material, Light or Camera) shader. In a material, it goes alongside the Surface root brick, and is not connected to it. You must also include a Surface Root with both Color and Opacity set to Black to create a volumetric effect in a Material. The first example shows a cone with a volumetric material shader, parented to a Spotlight.


Root Volume Brick



  • Ci : Color - Description…
  • Oi : Color - Description…
  • Root Settings1) : Float - Description…


  • Volume Type :
  • Shadow Pass :
  • Beauty Pass :


  • For a volumetric Camera, use the Volume Atmosphere setting. A Volume brick provides the parameters for Ci and Oi (incident color and incident opacity). The effect is present throughout the scene.
    Example 1
  • The second example shows the Volume Smoke Shader Mixer sample scene.
    Example 2
Available when Show Advanced is checked in the Brick Option Menu.