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Toon Outline

Brickyard : Functions > Geometric > special

A configurable outline using a clamped Edge Blend.




  • Toon Outline Color : Color - Description…


  • V1) : Vector - Description…
  • Nn2) : Normal - Description…
  • Input Color : Color - Provides the fill color, often supplied by the Toon brick.
  • Outline Color : Color - Can be set as a constant or can be varied by connecting a brick network.
  • Outline Threshold : Float - Adjusts the width of the outline. The outline will vary in width depending on distance from camera and degree of surface curvature.


In a Material

  • A simple example:

  • Toon Outline is often combined with the Toon brick:

  • This method is used in the Orange Toon Shader Mixer Preset:
1) , 2)
Available when Show Advanced is checked in the Brick Option Menu.