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Brickyard : Functions > Utility

Holds any single value you want to be able to insert into a network as a constant. Leave the value visible to be able to adjust it from the Surfaces (WIP) tab, or hide it if it should not be changed by the user.

It can be very useful to plug the Value output into the network in multiple places, to allow several parameters to be controlled by one value.

Note that this brick can duplicate the function of the Point brick. It is also the means of providing a Vector as input (a generic vector (direction) in 3d space, consisting of x, y and z offsets that indicate the direction from point (0, 0, 0)).






  • Type : Sets the type of the Out output parameter, as well as the Value input parameter to one of float, color, point, vector, normal, matrix or string.


  • In this example, …
    Example 1