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Advanced: Adding Scaling to Character Morphs (WIP)

This page is a WIP. There are likely to be incomplete and or missing steps while the page is being built.

This article is dependent on functionality that is not available until v4.5.x is released. Information relating to the current build status is available on the DAZ Studio v4.x page.


An optional step is adding scaling to your character. This should be done as a final step. It is easier to add morphs, MCM's, JCM's, and add the head splits, when the character is at Genesis height.

Process Overview

  • Create the Scale Link


This tutorial is for those who understand the basics and intermediate steps for character creation and 3rd party modeling tools. The items discussed are at an advanced level of understanding DAZ Studio 4 Pro.

Step By Step

Dial on the character morph (Goblin), and dial on the desired scale. The scale dials can be found under the Parameters Pane > General > Transforms > Scale.

Illus. 1 Illus. 2

Open up Property Editor (See Illus. 1) Click on the Menu, (Upper Right Corner of the Property Editor and select ERC Freeze (See Illus. 2)

Illus. 3

For “Figure” select Genesis For “Node” select Genesis. For “Property” select Goblin (The new character Morph) Select Accept. The Goblin dial and the scale are now linked. (See Illus. 3)

Save your character morph, and all the morphs that were made for the new character, and the character is finished.


This concludes our five part series. At this point you should be able to create custom JCMs and MCMs, as well as split out morphs, and add other custom morphs and scaling to your characters. Be sure to follow the articles below if you need to know more about distributing your character.

Next Steps