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Repairing Distorted Mesh and Re-Importing Morph *

* = Review

Needs process step details and screenshots from a modeler, preferably Hexagon or Carrara, not sure if they can do what Allen does with Modo. Not very different from Modifying Auto-Generated Morphs *, otherwise.

Link to videos: and


When a Shape is applied to a TriAx™ figure, the conformed items are also modified with that Shape. However, this can adversely affect parts of a model intended to be rigid, and can also be problematic when figure bones are scaled or moved as a result of a Shape.

Process Overview

  • Prepare Mesh for Export
  • Export Morphed and Unmorphed Versions
  • Import to Modeler
  • Replace Original Shape with Distorted Shape
  • Create Morph Target
  • Export Modified Mesh
  • Prepare to Import New Morph
  • Import New Morph
  • Test New Morph


Step By Step

Example of item warped because of morph

Prepare Mesh for Export

If SubD, set viewport level to 0

In Mesh Smoothing, turn on “Interactive Update”

Export Morphed and Unmorphed Versions

Export base shape of conforming item on figure for modeler

Export morphed shape of conforming item on figure

Import to Modeler

Import obj on base shape in modeler

Also import obj on morphed shape

Replace Original Shape with Distorted Shape

Copy mesh you want to retain from morphed (warped) version of conformer

Return to base shape

Create new mesh item

Paste copied mesh into second layer

Create Morph Target

In vertex map of “background” (obj on base figure), make pasted content in that morph target

Delete second layer. Test morph: object should now warp in base shape.

Select warped portion and clear morph from that section. Adjust position as needed.

Export Modified Mesh

Select geometry of conforming object, and use Selection→Invert to select and delete base figure.

Save remaining mesh out as obj

Prepare to Import New Morph

Return to DAZ Studio. Turn off Interactive Update and Enable Mesh Smoothing.

Dial up morph causing warp in base figure.

Get name of morph (see Modifying Auto-Generated Morphs *)

Import New Morph

Launch Morph Loader Pro

Load fixed obj. Adjust settings in Morph Loader Pro dialog:

paste name of morph

Overwrite Existing→Deltas Only

Scrub morph to update display.


Next Steps