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This page allows customization of the settings that determine where images will be rendered, what size they will be, and ultimately what the final image(s) will look like. While some of these settings are general enough to be common to all engines, each engine can expose its settings in different ways.

Render Engine

Setting which render engine is currently active is accomplished by using the Engine drop-down. To change the active render engine, click the button, and choose one of the options listed:


If in the course of exploring an engine, the modifications made to its settings become too confusing, or there is the desire to simply “start over,” use this button to restore the active engine's default settings.

Property Group View

Each engine's properties are organized into groups and displayed in the column on the left side of the page. Typically, these groups are hierarchically structured, and this structure indicates a relationship in which the higher level group is a collection of the lower level group(s), along with the properties within those groups.

The General group contains settings that are common to all render engines supported by DAZ Studio. Other top-level groups are provided according to the active Render Engine.

Default Property Filters

Near the top of this view is a series of predefined filters that allow the option to quickly flatten the hierarchical structure of the groups and cause a flat list of the properties to be displayed in the Property View.

  • All - Selecting this filter displays all the properties in one large continuous flat list; the properties are still displayed in the order they would be in if each group were recursively selected and its properties appended.
  • Currently Used - Selecting this filter displays all the properties that currently have a value that differs from its base value.
  • Favorites - Selecting this filter displays all the properties that have been marked as a favorite 1).

Show Sub Items

This check box controls whether all properties in all groups that start with the path of the selected group are displayed in the Property View in comparison to only those properties that are in the selected group.

Property View

The right side of the page is dedicated to displaying the properties of the active Render Engine. The properties displayed are dependent on which group is selected in the Property Group View, which Default Property Filter is selected, whether or not Show Sub Items is checked, and whether or not a Custom Property Filter is applied.

Property Filter Bar

Filter Field

Enter text into the Filter Field to narrow down which properties are displayed. For instance, insert “image” into the field to filter out any properties that do not have “image” in their label.

Describe advanced filtering options; e.g., wildcard, regex, case sensitivity.

Clear Filter

Clear Filter clears any text entered into the Filter Field. Note that this option only appears when text has been entered.

Property View Divider Bar

This divider bar allows the space allotted for the Property Group View and the Property View to be adjusted, providing one or the other more space to display its contents.

Information Panel

Favorites do not currently survive longer than the session