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Below is a list of the top-level property groups, as displayed in the Property Group View, when NVIDIA Iray is set as the active Render Engine. Each of the pages linked below provides descriptions of the property groups and properties found within these top-level groups.

The Tone Mapping and Environment property groups are displayed here because the settings are (currently) unique to this render engine. In future versions, as these settings become more generalized in the application, these property groups will be moved to the Environment (WIP) pane.

Advanced Page

Texture Compression

Medium Threshold

High Threshold

Hardware Page

Photoreal Devices

  • CPU -
  • <Video Card 1> -
OptiX Prime Acceleration

Interactive Devices

  • CPU -
  • <Video Card 1> -

Canvases Page

Canvases View

Add Canvas Button

Remove Canvas Button

Node Lists View

Add Node List Button

Remove Node List Button