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Shader Preview

Just above the Brickyard and Properties (WIP) pages is an area for displaying a preview of the shader that has been built in the Shader Workspace (WIP). The text “Click for Preview” will be displayed in this area until/unless it is clicked. The Shader Preview is unique in that it takes the entire shader_network into account, that is all Roots in the shader and all Functions connected to them, unlike the individual brick previews that only consider the connected bricks upstream from itself.

  • Left clicking on the area will cause a predefined scene to be rendered using the shader built, and the resultant image will be placed in the preview area. Each subsequent click in this area will cause the render to be refreshed, using the current state of the active shader in the Shader Workspace (WIP) to update the image.
  • Right clicking the area will cause a context menu with three preview size options to be displayed. Choosing one of the options will cause the preview area to be re-sized. The option representing the current size of the preview area will be marked. The default size is 256 x 256 pixels. The other two options are 64 x 64 and 128 x 128 pixels1).
These sizes are defined by the style being used, and are consistent in the Main Street, Highway and Darkside styles. Other styles may define alternate sizes.