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Creating Items That Fit To Genesis (WIP)

This page is a WIP. There are likely to be incomplete and or missing steps while the page is being built.


Using the series of steps outlined below, you will learn basic principals that allow you to create items, such as clothing or hair, where the intent is to have that item fit to another figure (i.e. Genesis) in DAZ Studio 4.x.

NOTE: This process, at least in the general sense, is the same regardless of whether its clothing, hair, or some other other item that is designed to fit to a triax based figure.

Process Overview

  • Model your object, using a Base Figure for reference
  • Assign UV coordinates to your object, for texturing
  • Assign Surfaces to your object, for customizing
  • Transfer an initial rig from the Base Figure to your object, turning it into a figure
  • Add any additional bones to your figure
  • Adjust Weight Mapping for the bones of your figure
  • Create, load and assemble custom shapes (morphs) for your figure
  • Save your figure for distribution


Step by Step