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Editor Page

Editor Page The Editor Page provides access to the property groups and properties used to alter how the scene is drawn in the viewport.

When the drawstyle is based on a specific technology, and the active Render Engine is based on the same technology, the DrawStyle can be considered a “preview” of the final render for that engine; this is true of the opengl-based options as well as the NVIDIA Iray option. When the chosen DrawStyle is not based on the same underlying technology as the active render engine—for example choosing the nvidia_iray DrawStyle and the 3Delight render engine—the style drawn in the viewport cannot be considered a “preview” of the final render. Instead the viewport will be drawn in the style of the NVIDIA Iray engine and the final image will be rendered in the style of the 3Delight engine.

DrawStyle Selector

The DrawStyle Selector is displayed at the top of the Draw Settings pane and causes the DrawStyle of the selected Viewport to change. Clicking the selector and choosing another DrawStyle causes the viewport to be drawn differently. The available DrawStyles include the following:


Views Like the Parameters (WIP) pane, there are two primary views displayed within the Editor page. Selecting a property group in the left-hand Property Groups View determines which properties are displayed in the right-hand Properties View.